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How To: Evaluate speeches

You will hear a million speeches and presentations in your life. It is helpful to know criteria for evaluating them beyond whether or not you liked it. Learn how to evaluate speeches from a professional speaker and communications instructor in this free public speaking video series.

How To: Breath during a speech

Breath control is the key to giving a good, clear speech to an audience. Get tips on proper breathing exercises before and during a speech from a communications and public speaking expert in this free instructional video series.

How To: Help your child understand impressionism

Impressionist start out with a white canvas. and use bright colors. Most paintings have visible brush strokes and the pictures are usually landscapes with small figures in the foreground. The word impressionist was originally meant to be an insult. If you look for bright colors, visitable brush strokes, simple compositions and realistic fleeding subjects you will probably be able to recognize impressionism. Help your child understand impressionism.

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