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Ebola is now recently in our radar screen. Most of people get terrified by the word Ebola, but is Ebola a serious issue,

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Ebola, this word itself makes everyone's blood run cold. But why is there so much of fear among people. Ebola was discovered in 1976. But why Ebola is making news recently. Is Ebola really a serious issue? Let us find out.

Let us understand how Ebola virus infects and damages the victim. This virus does similar stuff to what a serial killer may try to do. Yes! It attacks each and every organ and tissues of the body and makes it completely vulnerable and almost dead, only the bones and the skeletal muscles are sparred alive.

Clotting of the blood takes place during the process and this is further followed by bursting of blood vessels leading to internal as well as external bleeding and later the victim dies. Yup this is scary I know.

Here is how the journey of Ebola virus inside the victim begins. Once patients contract Ebola, the virus aggressively attacks the immune system of the body, thus killing of the body's T-lymphocyte cells or the T-cells. These T-cells are nothing but the guardians of the body. They play the role of a soldier and directly attack the infected cells. They go the site of the infection and destroy the infiltrators and release a chemical which activates other soldiers for the rescue.

This is how body clears out viruses and defeats the cold. But Ebola is far more wise than a common cold virus. What Ebola virus does is it tiptoes quietly into the dendritic cells and shuts off the alarm system which activates the T-cells. Thus the immune system is not aware what is going on and stays silent.

The body is left wide open, with no protection. Then Ebola starts copying itself like crazy. It starts multiplying itself and creates an army which is ready to take control over the body.

Ebola virus are even more dangerous than HIV cause they have the ability to attack a single cell with an army. That's like a one-sided war.

These Ebola virus goes out of control and starts a full fledged war by attacking each and every organ. Situation goes out of control. Its like nuclear explosions taking place everywhere. Their main target is the liver cells, where Ebola wipes out cells required to produce coagulation proteins and other important components of plasma.

All hell breaks loose in the blood. The virus grows uncontrollably and infects many organs. Eventually, cells start dying and exploding. Its like a do or die situation. There's a lot of premature cell death explosion and mass murdering of tissues. Dying cells release all their content into the blood.

Immune system gets totally mad when it sees that the doors to hell opened. It has now left with only one option that is to fight violently. Body after getting beaten up by Ebola virus to a serious extent sends SOS signal, which leads to the immune system to launch its entire arsenal of weapons all at once. It sure does hurt the virus but also cause damage to the whole body. This is called as Cytokine storm. This storm makes the blood vessel wall more permeable and they start to leak and body surrenders and die.

So you don't die of blood loss, but from something similar to severe Septic shock. And Immune system itself proves to be fatal to the body. We know immune system, you are not guilty. We love you. The real villain is Ebola virus.

It tricked you to launch the cytokine storm.

So why we are so afraid of Ebola, simple because we can do nothing against it. Its fatality rate is very high. It is currently in our radar screen and we are more conscious and hence more concern about it. But remember one thing becoming more concern will weaken immune system, eventually helping Ebola virus.

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