How To: Ace multiple choice tests

Ace multiple choice tests

Tests can be anxiety provoking even when you are confident on the material. Try to relax and further put your mind at ease by having a good strategy for dealing with a multiple choice test . With a little bit of practice you'll by acing tests in no time.

Taking practice tests and knowing strategy are the keys to success with multiple choice tests.

You Will Need

* Internet access or bookstores
* Practice multiple choice tests

Step 1: Locate practice tests

Locate multiple choice tests to practice with. Look on publisher sites, school sites, or in bookstores.

Step 2: Read all questions

Read all the questions carefully one or two times before reviewing the answers.

Step 3: Answer the question in your head

Answer the question in your head before looking at answer choices.

Step 4: Read all answer choices

Read all the answer choices at least once before making a selection.

Often the answer with the most information, or the longest, is the correct answer choice.
Step 5: Eliminate wrong answers

Cross out the answers you are sure are not correct.

If you are sure that one answer choice is correct or incorrect, never choose "All of the above" or "None of the above."

Step 6: Go back and review answers

Review your answers, focusing on any you were unsure of or guessed at. Only change an answer if you are certain it was wrong – the first choice is usually the right choice.

Did you know? When a test is well written, most of the questions will be answered correctly by 30 to 80 percent of those taking it.

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