How To: Write a letter of intent for the JET Programme

Write a letter of intent for the JET Programme

The JET Programme is a teaching exchange program between the USA and Japan. If you are accepted into this program, you will get the exciting opportunity to travel, teach and live in Japan. This is a dream come true for a lot of people, and applying to this program is similar to applying for college or a job.

This tutorial will focus on how to write a great letter of intent for the JET Programme. The video is hosted by Jason, a current member of JET, and includes tips and advice for standing out in the crowd.

The letter of intent for JET is a two page essay essentially selling yourself as a good candidate for the programme.

The American online application guidelines specify three areas that you will need to cover:
1. WHY do you want to be a JET and come to Japan?
2. WHAT experience do you have with teaching or internationalism that makes you a good ALT/CIR candidate?
3. WHAT do you hope to gain from being in the Programme?

All of the above points are covered in the video, with worthwhile advice given for all three.

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